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LIVE: Residential

Beacon Hill Townhouse
Boston, MA

What began as a plan to gradually update this historic 1826 townhouse became an urgent and extensive renovation during the winter of the polar vortex. The quaint wood-frame addition was extensively rotted due to years of water infiltration and neglect, lacking a foundation wall and proper structural support.


With the help of a structural engineer, the renovation included excavating a deeper crawl space beneath the kitchen to provide for added insulation, shoring up the structure to build a stem-wall foundation, and reinforcing the structure on the upper floors and roof deck. In perhaps the most dramatic move, the first floor, consisting of three small rooms in shotgun-style configuration, was improved by breaking through the dining room wall to the kitchen. The chef’s kitchen is a study in economy and efficiency with custom cabinetry, pull-out shelving and concealed pulls reminiscent of built-ins found on a boat. The white marble waterfall countertop and wall splash serve as a backdrop to the brass fixtures, and were chosen to offset the low level of daylight coming into this north-facing room.

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