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Aileron, Artist Housing and Studios Moves forward with First Phase

Aileron Project

Together with East-Boston-based NOAH (Neighborhood of Affordable Housing), Joy Street Design submitted a proposal to the City of Boston and was awarded the parcel on which Aileron Artist Housing and Studios will be located, at 127-159 Condor Street in East Boston. Our design for 41-units of affordable and market-rate housing, artist studios, gallery, sculpture courtyard, and work bar combines the traditional massing and rhythm of East Boston’s Eagle Hill neighborhood with a modern interpretation consistent with the programming needs of many artists working in wide-ranging styles of media in this specialized mixed-use development.

The Joy Street Design and NOAH team worked closely with the Eagle Hill neighborhood, local artists and DND (Department of Neighborhood Design) during the City’s zoning and Article 80 small project review processes to address programming, sustainability and accessibility needs, and to ensure that the project concept serves artist-residents as well as the community at large.

The first phase of the Aileron project is moving forward with eight home-ownership units, recently funded by the City of Boston’s CPA (Community Preservation Act) funding process. This funding pool is the result of a vote passed by Boston residents in the November 2016 election.

“The Community Preservation Act, which Boston voters passed in November 2016, charges a 1 percent surcharge on property taxes and allocates the money toward open space, historic preservation and affordable housing. The city has awarded CPA funding for projects in each of Boston’s 23 neighborhoods since the act’s adoption, [Mayor] Walsh said in a statement. The Boston City Council will vote on the newest slate of projects in March.” - From Boston Business Journal, Feb. 19, 2019.

Read more about Aileron at these links:

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